Global Monitoring, Simplified.

Inspired by the powerful capabilities of Prometheus Blackbox Exporter, our platform offers unparalleled metrics from a global perspective.



Global Reach, Local Insights

Experience real-time monitoring like never before. We utilize global cloud providers to provide you with accurate and localized data, offering a unique blend of global coverage and specific, regional insights.


Comprehensive Metrics, Clear Insights

Whether it's dns, ping, http(s) latency, or other critical performance indicators, delivers detailed metrics to help you stay ahead.

Native integration

Easy Integration

Integrating with Prometheus or any other Open Metrics compatible System is a straightforward process. This integration not only enhances monitoring capabilities but also maintains the simplicity and efficiency of your existing Monitoring setup.

Stay tuned

Coming Soon πŸš€ is currently in the making, but our commitment to excellence is already in motion.

Global coverage

We run probes from cloud providers all over the world, ensuring you receive the most accurate and localized data available.

Seamless Native Integrations

Effortlessly integrate with your existing monitoring solutions through the Open Metrics (Prometheus exporter) format.

Integrate global performance checks from into your existing monitoring systems using the industry-standard Open Metrics exporter or our advanced API.

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